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About The Studio

Our Mission

A place for creators and designers to foster their best ideas, be encouraged to pursue their dreams, and surround themselves with like-minded individuals.

Our Value To You

Artist in inner cities, such as Newark, NJ don’t have the proper support when starting their own businesses, a place to showcase their work, or to meet professionally. Therefore they resort to ineffective Instagram tactics, underexposed shows, and gallery exhibits that cause them to burn out and give up on their dreams. We are creating a community for rising stars and local entrepreneurs in fashion design, interior design, graphic design, painting, dance, music and other artistic fields to get support and encouragement, meet like-minded individuals, start, build, and grow their business. Our goal and purpose is to make sure you’re equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in your business, because you and the arts are the true heartbeat of this city.

Services We Offer

How We Strive To Provide You Value


Common Reception Area

Greet your guests professionally!

From 7 am until 11:00 pm you will have access to a dedicated receptionist that will make sure your guests are appropriately accommodated and directed to their intended destination.

Conference Room Access

Some Meetings Deserve Your Undivided Attention!

We have equipped all conference rooms with the best in current technology to make sure your meetings are productive, professional, and effective. Fast wireless will allow you to communicate remotely with incredible ease. Table power connections will make sure that everyone is charged and ready to go.

Contemporary Boardroom
Big Desk

Shared Work Desks

Jump In, And Get Ready To Work!

We have multiple non-dedicated as well as dedicated “hot” desks available for you to start working on your business right away. Some desks have included Apple Mac computers for startup photographers, videographers, and artists to edit their photos and videos.

Common Work Area

Sometimes The Best Work Desk Is A Sofa Or A Beanbag!

Not everyone works the same way, and you deserve the flexibility of choosing where to work. Therefore, we have strategically placed several areas throughout the space consisting of sofas, club chairs, phone booths for you to use, and be able to do your best work wherever you are the most comfortable.

Creative Working
About Us: Service

Additional Amenities

  • Rental Office Studios can be used for Traditional Offices or Painting Studios

  • 9' x 10' Backdrop (Gray, Green, White)

  • 40' Runway with Stage

  • Music Recording Studio

  • Dance Studio with Mirrors

  • YouTube Filming Rooms with Backdrop and Sofa's for Interview Setup

  • Featured Gallery Space

  • Seating for 150 Guests

  • Makeup Booths with Vanity Lights

  • Cafe and Lounge Area

  • Mac Computers with Photo and Video Editing Software

  • Area with Sewing Machines

  • Apparel Store to Feature All Fashion Designers

  • Phone Booths

  • Studio Apartment Rentals

  • Gym

  • Game Area

Note: Some of the amenities listed above will be available at a later date. Please call for specific details.​

Other Ways We Provide You Value

Business Development Services Include

  • Networking events for maximum brand exposure

  • Featured social media posts about your business

  • Business coaching and guidance

  • Assistance with registering an LLC, and getting your business started

  • Budgeting and money management coaching

  • Featured keynote speakers in the field of business development

  • Parties and exciting gallery exhibits

  • and so much more!


We Would Love To Hear From You

Our goal is to provide you the best value possible, make sure your business grows, and that you all the tools you need to make that happen. If your business is need of anything, please let us know.

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