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Current Affiliates

Partners in Crime

Our partners are the lifeline of our business, as a community we strive to encourage our patrons, and be an active part of their growth.

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T-shirt Printing , Branding, and Graphic Design

With more than ten years of experience, Capache Designs brings a different approach to the printing and advertising industries. We are an art-oriented company that takes pride in:

- Best in Class Design and Attention to Detail 
- Our Customers' Success  
- Quality of Print and Production Value

Our team of bright minded and creative thinkers has been helping companies find their unique values. We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience. Our business is helping you promote yours, and we are here to ensure your successful future.



Take Your Space

We are a premium co-working SPACE for intellectuals, techies and entrepreneurs. We provide resources for startups, coaching for tech
companies and a wealth of intellectuals to share strategies and bounce off ideas. The next wave in enterprises will be born within our walls.
Work in a dynamic SPACE filled with entrepreneurs pushing the bar, feeding off each other and being vibrant innovators



Office Furniture And Services

Founded in 1963 by Raymond Parra and Jack Kasper, Atlas Desk has prided itself on being a family owned and operated business. The company first opened their doors on Canal Steet in New York City and relocated to Newark, New Jersey shortly after the onset of the historical Newark riots. In 1982, Atlas Desk moved it's operations to 50 Lafayette Street which is now home to The Prudential Center.  They would remain there for more than three decades before relocating to the University Heights Section in Newark's College District on Central Avenue.

The Vision Room_PNG.png


Arts and Entertainment

A creative collaboration space designed to promote artistic interest and provide an opportunity for visionaries to manifest their dreams.



Make The Choice To Be Uncommon

ANE produces in house small batches of luxury menswear and unisex clothing including premium handmade goods in the city of Newark New Jersey downtown district. 

We were formally named A Girl & Guy Thing (AGT), and decided to re brand for the purpose of developing a stronger approach to my customer needs. Our mission is to provide quality customer services to all, to expand our brand and to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Since opening our brick and mortar location in 2016, we have trademarked the slogans Newark Vs. Everybody, and Newark Excellence, two successful projects that we are proud of which happens to be housed in Greater Newark Visitors Bureau. We partner with local artist, designers, entrepreneurs abroad including organizations to collectively improve our community as well as your shopping experience when visiting us. 



Helping You Design Your Best Life

Customizing your life doesn't have to be a difficult task! Gerardy understands that there are dreams that you want to accomplish when it comes to:

  • Dressing better as a self esteem builder 

  • De-cluttering your home to get more peace of mind

  • All the way to getting out of debt!

Gerardy will offer you practical tips to make sure you live your best life!



Don’t Change To Fit The Fashion, Change The Fashion To Fit You.

Forever Modest is an online business founded in 2017 providing high quality modest wear, hijabs, scarves, accessories and beauty products.

Eman Fouad.png


Fine Arts

Eman Fouad is an aspiring artist showcasing her work in the NJ/NY area. She was intrigued by the arts at a very early age and has been creating pieces of her own since she was a child. Her father was an incredible artist and the greatest influence in her life. His work paved the way for her to continue pursuing her dream to one day create art as he had. She attended NJIT and graduated with a BFA in Interior Design. Although she thoroughly enjoys design, nothing is more fulfilling to her than working on a new piece of art. Her passion for art grew stronger as she continued perfecting her craft. First, she began painting with acrylics and oils and after researching and utilizing new art techniques and mediums, she expanded her media to include watercolors and inks as well. Her paintings and illustrations mainly incorporate monochromatic color schemes with bursts of color and metallic accents. She enjoys creating intricate geometric illustrations as well as minimalistic paintings that evoke emotion. Her attention to detail is immaculate and she immerses herself in every piece she creates.

Thinking Logo.png


Urban Apparel Brand

We encourage a different approach to the same old formula of creating an idea! A different point of view can create the new experience that we all crave. "TH!NK!NG" is simply about exploring options, understanding consequences, making the decision that best serves the task at hand. The true concept of "TH!NK!NG" is knowing how powerful the mind can be and understanding that it's the most powerful weapon on earth! ELEVATED TH!NK!NG PREVAILS!!!

Interested in joining the ranks of our amazing affiliates? Want to learn more about what we do?

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